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Genius Car Ltd is a holding company based in London with ownership of various companies in the technological and innovation area, including Italian Covini Engineering.

Covini Engineering has been developing for many years innovative automotive projects including the COVINI C3A as a luxury road car and the COVINI Speedster built for the sports car circuits. Both utilize the 3 axis and 6 wheel design.

COVINI cars are "limited edition" cars with exclusive and personalised service and spec.


Genius Car's major shareholder is Eugenio Carugati and its senior managers are:

- Eugenio Carugati - Managing Director

- Ferruccio Covini - Technical Director

- Gianmaria Feleppa - Financial Director

- Adele Tomasin - Marketing and Sales Director

Genius Car's head office is in London in 29 Harley Street, while the technical and production facilities are based near Piacenza where the prototype was created.

Genius Car is a company that develops and builds limited edition luxury cars and in particular the luxury car Covini. We also work with our clients to build high-end tailor made sport cars.

The Covini project includes:

- a sport car with 3 axes and 6 wheels

- exclusive project and technology

- production of limited edition cars with exclusive characteristics and services

- the exclusivity and luxury of CLUB COVINI, including the Covini Championship


  • CLICK HERE to discover the main technical characteristics of C3A
  • The Covini C3A is unique in its consideration of the front wheels, which are of a comparable dimension to a 4 wheeled car.

    The main advantages of a 6 wheeled car are:

    - Increased braking power from the 6 discs

    - Increased rubberised surface, giving the car more grip

    - More active and passive safety features

    - Less aquaplaning effect, thanks to the trace by the first front axis that helps adherence of the second front axis

    - Better road holding, thanks to the lower weight of the unsprung masses

    - More responsive handling, thanks to two front wheels on each side

    - Better front end aerodynamics

    - A more comfortable ride with a 6 tiered suspension system

  • The C3A was built with better safety, outstanding braking and directional stability in mind. Because there are 4 front tyres, there is less chance of a loss of control if a front tyre deflates. There is a reduced risk of aquaplaning too, as the front axis set clears the road for the following axis set.

    In addition, having 6 wheels instead of 4 gives greater braking power with 100% more contact patch and braking components. The unique design produces more grip and less understeer than conventional designs. The increased surface area helps the suspension system provide a smoother ride, ironing out road bumps more efficiently.

    The C3A still remains the only 6 wheeled car on the market. Its exclusivity and unique characteristics ensure it appeals to the high end luxury market.